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Chakra Pendulum Set

Chakra Pendulum Set

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The Chakra Pendulum Set consists of seven chakra spheres which measure approximately 15mm each, a metal pendulum cage and a storage/gift box. The metal cage is beautifully made and has a hinge snap closure on the side. The silver chain measures approximately 8 3/4 inches with a round gemstone bead at the end. You can detach to wear as a pendant as well.

Crown Chakra:
Clear Quartz - Raises Consciousness

Third Eye Chakra: 
Amethyst - Opens Intuition

Throat Chakra:
Sodalite - Heightens Communication

Heart Chakra:
Green Aventurine - Creates Love

Solar Plexus Chakra: 
Golden Calcite - Manifests Abundance

Sacral Chakra:
Rose Quartz - Sexuality and Passion

Root Chakra:
Red Jasper - Grounding & Protection