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Selenite "Cord Cutter" Knife - Long

Selenite "Cord Cutter" Knife - Long

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One of selenites strengths is her ability to cut negative cords and sever harmful attachments to your chakras. Selenite also absorbs stress and negativity. Just holding a piece of Selenite in your hands helps to drain negativity from your body and auric field. If you have a bad experience that keeps replaying in your mind and you want to end this negative cycle, visualize this memory and emotion going into the Selenite crystal and then reflecting out into the Universe to be transformed and neutralized. And then make the choice not to allow that thought-pattern any more rulership over your mind. If there is a place on your body where you feel a bit “off”, place the Selenite crystal on that spot and allow it to absorb all the “yuckiness” off of you. Selenite is receptive: it absorbs negativity and harmful energy, dissolving it.

*16-13" long 

*Sold with stand