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Wu Lou Black Obsidian
Wu Lou Black Obsidian

Wu Lou Black Obsidian

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Hulu (葫芦) also known as wu lou or wu lu is the Chinese pronunciation for the bottle gourd or calabash. In Feng Shui, gourd or wu lou has been used as a symbol of good health, longevity, prosperity and abundance.

This natural Obsidian Feng Shui Protective Wu Lou is an ideal feng shui cure to dissipate bad luck.

If you are having a streak of bad luck, carry with you a small black obsidian gourd to absorb negative energies from the environment. Having absorbed harmful qi/chi, the obsidian must be cleansed regularly under running water (5 to 10 minutes) and shine under sunlight for 1 to 2 hour.

Alternatively, display a black obsidian gourd at the place where you spend most of your time. You can place this feng shui gourd at your working desk to absorb negative qi/chi from the surrounding working environment.

This item was made from high grade black obsidian stone / crystal.

Black Obsidian:
Black Obsidian is a very powerful and creative stone. It grounds the soul and spiritual forces into the physical plane, bringing them under the direction of the conscious will and making it possible to manifest spiritual energies on earth. Self-control is increased by the use of this stone.